It’s astonishing to me. With every day, I grow older and older and yet, I look out among the trees this morning, watching something as if I had never seen a thing like it before.  The cool air on my cheeks, gentle reminders of Sudharma. The cardinals and wrens….the squirrels and chipmunks running about, picking and piling acorns for their winter’s feast. I see the branches, still clinging to life through their turning leaves….browns, reds, oranges….bursting with radiance in the sun’s warm light.  The hawks happily circling above with an even clearer vision than before, thanks to the Autumnal thinning trees.  As if for the first time, I am aware that what is before me is no more, no less than the Mystery…..being witness, of seeing all before me in it’s great beauty…feeling life’s breath on my cheek…..the birds, squirrels, chipmunks….. the hawk above, patient……my breath constant, slow and steady, finding peace in the gift of my senses……my breath, slow and steady, as it started so many years ago.  ~Ajahn