Our situation is that we are conditioned, partial beings. In teachings, I have often heard people talk about “descending” or “sinking” into their cushion….“descending” into their practice, “sinking” into the mat, “falling” into space, “sliding” into the breath…..
There is a reality, and that reality states that the great leap we would like to make into a cosmic awareness is impossible.  All doctrine teaches us this.  We can only make efforts within the reality of what and where we are now, our finite present moment.  These efforts appear puny, pointless.  They must, since they are also part of our “conditioned-ness”.   But they make new possibilities which cannot be foreseen or calculated.  Additional to this is the release of desire to be something more than the perfectly imperfect beings we currently are.
I believe it was Rumi who said that if you take one small step toward the Divine, the Divine will take 100 steps toward you.
The marvel is that our present moment is not a point but a small volume.  There is some latitude and possibility of movement and choice within our situation.  Joy and sorrow, loosing and finding are like two feet.  John Bennett, the great British Mathematician and author said, “You realize, you get nowhere and it is extremely uncomfortable hopping all the time on the joy foot. “
In this reality of form and consequently dimension, we live through our mind which is an energy pattern and as a result has limitations.  We can stretch that consciousness like an elastic and we certainly have fabulous models namely prophets whose teachings definitely expand the conscious mind.  However no matter how much we awaken or expand our mind, which is our builder, it needs structure or pattern and focus to come to terms with the vast energy which we are all part of.  Once we begin to understand our condition and release the blinds of ignorance, we condition ourselves to find breath and Truth within.  In finding this Truth and in releasing the Dukkha of desire and craving, we begin to ascend (rather than descend).  We begin to rise up and ascend in the direction of the world of forms from which the phenomenal plane manifests.  We rise up like trees reashing long toward the warmth of the sun.  This rising up and growing into, rather than sinking in, exposes a door that most certainly opens to the Divine nature within our own hearts.